Saturday, November 7, 2009

fear of the fear

I've had recent pause to consider that many upcoming writers are unable to place their name against their writing, preferring to use a pseudonym. There is no doubt it takes a fair amount of courage to claim your work. You probably fear you'll be judged. But you know what? It just doesn't matter. People will think what they'll think. You putting your name to your work is the major step to calling yourself a writer.

Fear is the highest 'cause of death' among the emerging writer's productive output today. It is common for the artistic soul to be troubled. Creativity seems set to stem from drama. But the notion behind all inability to accept and float through life's dramas, tribulations and torment, is that creativity will somehow provide sanity. And it will. Along with self-analysis. Commitment to belief of self-worth is well worth the effort. No matter your story, and we've all got 'em as you know, no matter your pain, loss, sins, or terrors, self-worth is the key. And nothing says 'I accept myself' like typing that byline upon the page.

If your work is good enough to publish, it's good enough to put your real name against it. Be proud of what you've carved from the pits. Pretty much, in life, it's all down to you to take your chances. The universe will provide, for sure, but you can just as easily walk on by if wish it. Trick is, don't. Grab on and do your thing, because I for one, can't wait to read it.

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